Chosen to be Fruitful

Jesus chose each one us.  He chose you.  Why did He choose us?  He has a divine appointment for all of us to go and produce lovely fruit always.  If we do produce fruit,  no matter what we ask for from the Father, using Jesus name, He will answer.  We must love each other.  Don’t follow the ways of the world.  What are ways of the world?  I believe many believers may be confused what they think the ways of the world means.  The world, a place we call a temporary home, for this world is not the eternal one.  Heaven, the ultimate goal for all should be the home we strive for.   Why do many live as though our life here on earth is going to last forever?  What does it mean to live in the world?  Worldly?

Attitudes, motives, selfishness,  manipulators, controllers, careless are only to name a few that we should flee from.  We are warned many times how we should renew our mind daily and how we shouldn’t be conformed to the ways of the world.  

olive tree



You always know a person by their fruit.  If they are liars, the fruit will manifest.  True colors have a way of manifesting themselves don’t they?  A person that lies has more to cover up internally than what we realize or that they portray on the outside.  Just as the Pharisee, they look great on the outside, the looks deceive many, they play the part yet on the inside is the enemy of God.  Their works, Christian works is a mirrored image of who they truly want to be.  However, the motives behind their actions points back to selfish desires, self promotion, look at me and what I am doing, the love to play the part.  A worldly believer is an actress or actor in a world of make-believe, a fantasy, in a world that will not last.  It makes me weep and wonder how it makes Jesus feel.  He loves and seeks the lost but what about those who already have been found, yet caught in this world? Caught in a world of sadness, hopelessness and strife.  A world of little hope unless “worldliness” is exposed in their mind and rejected for the relationship with Jesus.  

Living in this world, but only for a little while should bring about content, joy, peace, giving, resting in the arms of our Savior.  If you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders or the sinful worldly things creeping in your mind, run to Jesus and produce lovely fruit.

He has a world waiting for you beyond the pain or the mask you portray in this world.  If you have never been found, He is calling you out of the chaos of insanity.  Remember all of you have been chosen to be fruitful.  Now that is living a blessed life in a temporary world!


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